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Congratulations. Only the worthy are invited into the Cove. Discover our secrets and own a piece of the magic.

Legend of Cokernut Cove

Legend of Cokernut Cove

Follow the adventures of the great pirate Caspian and the exotic mermaid... 

Sand Dweller Daydreams

Sand Dweller Daydreams

The mermaid inhabitants of Cokernut Cove carefully conceal their identities from the... 

Beach Boardwalk

Beach Boardwalk

Take a stroll along the charming cobblestone streets and sample some local... 

EYE-land Serum

Don’t be a pufferfish! This serum will keep your eyes moisturized and relaxed after a long day of working on your Sand Dweller Suntan.

EYE Need This!

Beach Feet Foot Balm

Keep those feet beach ready with this hemp-based foot balm. Calming eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils combine with the natural soothing properties of hemp seed to create a relaxing experience that leaves your skin so smooth even the mermaids will be envious!

Treat My Feet
  • Summer Lip Balms

    We have something for everyone in this vast assortment.

  • Face Toners

    Spritz a little refreshing mist after a long day in the sand. These come in Cokernut Cove Sea Mist blend, Citrus, Cucumber, or Lavender.

  • Coconut half-shells

    Coconut half-shells

    These versatile bits of island fun can be used for soap dishes, trinket holders, succulent planters, bird feeders, or anywhere you need a little tropical vibe.

  • Wood Soap Dishes

    Made in America, these poplar wood soap dishes extend the life of your soap and look classy in any kitchen or bath.

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