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The Yacht

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The pirate Caspian knelt on the shore of an unknown beach, coughing up seaweed and sand. Someone was poking him with a stick and giggling.
“Too many Tiki’s After Dark, eh, mate?” It was a woman adorned in costume jewels and a fake tiara (even as he squinted he could tell she was no real princess).
“Where am I?” Caspian gasped.
The woman adjusted her red wig and rolled her eyes. “Just outside of Melbourne, of course.”
“Australia, mate. Wow, you are out of sorts. Well, Theo will be expecting you. You need to use the dunny? You look awful.”
Caspian shook his head and brushed off his trousers.
“You’re the pirate he hired for tonight, yeah? I’m the mermaid. We do the opening act at dinner?”
Caspian stared blankly.
The fake mermaid sighed. “We entertain the rich guests, dock the yacht in Tasmania, follow the tracker to the barrels hidden in Alcatraz?”
Caspian blinked. “What’s in the barrels?”
She took his arm and began guiding him away from shore. “Why, the Fountain of Youth, my dear pirate, or at least enough money to pretend to be young again.”
“Oh so we ARE pirates!” This plan was sounding familiar.
She smiled, almost sadly. “Thieves. Common thieves. But after tonight it will all be a memory.”
“What is your name?” Caspian asked.
“Just call me the Mermaid Madame,” she said. “Ah, here we are, mate. Theo’s boat, the Thomasina. Now mind your wits, pirate. Act like you know what you’re doing.”
Caspian laughed. “I will be the utmost professional, Madame.”
And with that, the pirate Caspian boarded the ill-fated yacht, ready for his next conquest and into the greatest adventure of his life.

Notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Black pepper, Lemon, Peppermint, Fir Needle


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